Lise Cabble

Lise Cabble

Lise Cabble is one of the most experienced songwriters we have in Denmark. She has been in the music business for 40 years and is a big part of danish music history. From 1986-1997 she was a part of the danish female band, Miss B. Haven, as the lead singer and songwriter.

Lise has written 20 songs for the Danish Melodi Grand Prix and has won the competition four times and once she won the whole Eurovision with the song Only Teardrops sung by Emmelie De Forest.

Lise has written songs for some of the biggest danish artists,like Taxa for Sanne Salomonsen,and as one of the only ones she has written songs for both Kim Larsen and his son Hjalmer.

In 2021 she released her self-titled debut EP at the age of 63.

In 2023 she won the life time award by the Danish Music Publishers' Association.

Right now she is writing songs for a musical over the very famous tv-series Matador.