Pil Jeppesen

Foto: Petra Kleis

Management: Anders@thearrangement.dk

Label: No3

Booking: martin@luger.dk

Pil is a danish songwriter and artist, known for writing truthfully about all the weird and awkward feelings.

She has created an uplifting and playful pop universe, where Loneliness and unrequited love is described without filter so you can really feel what is at stake.

In the fall of 2019 Pil released her first EP "Når Du Går Herfra" and received big praise for her well-written danish lyrics, which was called masterfully constructed by Sounvenue.

Since she released the duet Omvendt with Andreas Odbjers and Inden I Mig. The latter led to the danish magazine Politiken calling her one of the biggest promises within the danish pop genre. She has had multiple singles in heavy rotation on both P3 and P4.

She won Karrierekanonen 2021